The People Behind the Brand

It all started with two friends, Rob and Marc, that share a love of the outdoors, sunglasses, and a growing concern for the condition of the world we live and breathe in. They wanted to create something that had a minimal impact on the environment, but something that also gave back in a meaningful way - in a way that can actually make an impact in communities that truly need it. By combining their passions to produce sustainable wood frames and in turn plant 20 trees for every purchase with their partner Eden Reforestation Projects. Eden plants trees in communities struggling with extreme poverty and minimal forestation. Eden keeps the power and pride in the hands of the locals by employing them to plant trees in their village.

We are a growing and breathing business committed to creating and providing
renewable, stylish, and premium quality eyewear. We are passionate about giving back and living life in the great outdoors. That's why we created renewable products for you to take on all of life's breathtaking adventures, so you can not only look good, but feel good knowing you've helped communities that need it most.